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Golden Watch Short Story Scene 7 : End

it is time for Ashwathi to make the decision. A calmness

Ashwathi slowly stood up from her seat. Looking straight to Gabrillo’s
eyes, she spoke “Gabrillo. Here is the decision I choose.”

“What is it”

“Jesna is my best friend. My life. What I have to give in return is my
blood. I choose my blood over my life”

Silence. Gabrillo didn’t speak. Ashwathi didn’t speak. Only the sound
of light wind that flows.

After few minutes that seem like hours of waiting, Gabrillo stood up
and started walking away. He was walking away from Ashwathi.

Then suddenly he stopped and turned back. Then smiled..

“So you knew it. From the person who came to you that day”

“Yes.” – Ashwathi responded.

“Lets go back to what happened that day”


It was the day Ashwathi gave blood to the mother of University
librarian. The same librarian whom she met on the graduation day and
they thanked her for her care.

That day while she was coming back from hospital, a man came to her. A
man dressed in white clothes. Ashwathi didn’t know who he was. Looking
into her eyes, he spoke

“Ashwathi. Today you gave blood to someone and saved a life. I want to
tell you one thing. One day in your life there will come a time when
you have to choose between your life and your blood. Choose your
Your blood will save your life”

“Your blood will protect your life. This is a gift for you for the
good thing you did today”


Are you the one who came that day – Ashwathi asked looking at
Gabrillo’s eyes. “Yes” – I am. I was the person who came that day. And
today, as I told you to do that day, you choose your blood over your
life. And you get
your blood and your life back”

With that Gabrillo moved his hand, and the room suddenly became dark.
And then a light. That grew in intensity until it filled the whole
room. There you could see a screen. And in that screen was – a girl.

Yes. That is Jesna.

Aswhwathi jumped at her feet. It is Jesna. Her friend. She can see her
clearly. Excited, she pulled her hand to touch her.

“You can’t touch her Ashwathi. It is just a screen ! Jesna is waiting
for you. You can go and meet her” – Gabrillo spoke a calmness in his

“Where is she Gabrillo, and what happened to her. ”

“Close your eyes now” and she did. “Now open it”

When she opened her eyes, she was lying in a hospital bed. It was the
same hospital bed where she was when she met with the accident. It is
the same room. Same doctor. I know that nurse. What is going on ?

“Ashwathi. Good morning. How are you now ?”

“Doctor. I am in this bed. What happened to me ?” “Oh nothing. A car
accident that happened. You are fine”. “Whom did I hit.” “It is, It
is. It is your friend Jesna. She is fine too. I call it a miraculous
both you and she are safe”

“Relax and get some rest. Today both of you can discharge from here.
Ah. One more thing. Jesna is waiting for you. You can go and meet her”

I have heard these words – “Jesna is waiting for you. You can go and
meet her” – but where ?

Closing her eyes, she heard a voice talking to her. Of Gabrillo. Yes.
It was he who said those words to her. When she asked him “”Where is
she Gabrillo, and what happened to her. “”,
and his words.

“It is all now memory Ashwathi. Your life saving act has given your
life back to you. Your life Jesna and now go back to your life.”

With that Ashwathi opened her eyes again, and started looking around.
Looking to meet her best friend Jesna. And here she is..

The End

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 6

Ashwathi just sat over there looking outside the window. Train is moving swiftly, and there is not much people around. Only she and jackson.

Jackson is not any CEO. His real name is Magrillo, and he is an angel from God. Magrillo’s word on how he can bring back Jesna came as a great happiness for her. This is great. I can have back Jesna.

But she didn’t know that bringing back Jesna comes with a price. Her own life. Only one person can survive. Either she or Jesna, and a decision is to be made. Within new few hours.

Magrillo don’t want her life. But he will take something which is dear to her life. That is the condition. And Magrillo won’t tell what is that he will take. It is a decision Aswathi won’t know. And will only know once Aswathi made her decision on this.

It is very silent now. A calmness ? Or something else. Never know. Only one thing. A decision is to be made. In next few minutes. Magrillo is looking at Aswathi’s eyes. The situation is getting little tensed.

Ashwathi is not even having the strength to look at Magrillo. What he is going to ask in return for Jesna. Her own life? Or her loved family members. Or any of her processions that is dear to her. “I wish he tells me. But no. He wont and now I need to make a decision. And the decision is to be made now..” – Aswathi said to herself.

Slowly raising her head. Looking at Magrillo’s eyes, she slowly raised her voice. And she said – “Magrillo. I make the decision. That I want Jesna back. My friend whom I killed with my own hands. I want her back. In return, you can make the decision. To take what you want. I agree. Fully agree”

With that, Magrillo rose from his seat. And everything went blank…

To be continued..

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 5 Loosing Jesna

“That moment changed my life. When doctor told me that my best friend Jesna is no more, and I am responsible for her death. For quite some time, I just sat there in the hospital bed. I tried to tell myself that this is not true, and Jesna is still alive. How can this happen ? How can I ever imagine I kill my best friend. That sweet girl with always a smile in her. I was totally devastated.”

“And now, I am here with you Jackson. In this train, not sure where I should be going. I don’t feel like I have anyone in this life. My mom, dad, everyone were there for me. But, I killed a person. My hand shakes when I think about it. My heart pains when I remember Jesna’s face.”

“I remember Jesna’s mom and dad coming to see me in the hospital. Oh..How can I remember that day. How can I remember that day. I could see Jesna’s mom crying. I just closed my eyes, as I no longer had the power to see that lady. She was like my own mother, and now I have killed her daughter.”

“I don’t know what is happening to me Jackson. I really don’t know. The world has become black to me. I really don’t know.”

Listening to everything Ashwathi said, Jackson slowly raised his voice – “I am very sorry Ashwathi that this has happened. I join you in your pain. It is quite sad that all this has happened to you. My prayers for Jesna and her family”

“Thanks Jackson. It really feels good to hear those words. What can I do now. I cannot believe that I am a murderer. I want to bring Jesna back to life”

“Yes, you can. You can bring Jesna back to life, and I will tell you how”

“Is it Jackson. How ? I am sure you are joking right ? Jesna is dead Jackson. I killed her. How can I bring her back to life”

“Let me tell you. I am not CEO of Jackson Inc, and my name is not Jackson. I am an Angel. Angel from God, and Jesna – she is still alive”

To be continued..

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 4

[ Scene 4 : This day changed my life ]

Its been a month since my graduation..All my roommates have left the campus. I sat there in my room alone thinking of the wonderful time we had together. Colorful days of campus life. Memories I will always cherish throughout my life.

Jesna – my best friend. She left yesterday evening. She flew to Florida to meet few of her cousins, and then she will leave to her house in Texas. Other roommates have also left. Since I had a project submission pending, I stayed back. Now, sitting here, I think I should have left too, and submit the project in mail !

It is evening, and I decided to visit Prof. Jennifer. She was my Professor in Human Resource department, and she was very kind and supportive to me. Her house is almost 30 miles from campus. I decided to drive. Will also be a change for me. I stood up from my bed, and decided to get ready and leave in an hour.


As I opened my eyes, I was in hospital bed. My head aching badly and was feeling very heavy. Couldn’t move my arms and legs. Everything completely numb. There seems to be stitches and bandages around my hand. I tried to move towards my side, though the pain was high that I kept lying there.

Why am I here. What just happened ? Felt like getting up, but I knew it would be a mere wish that time. No one seem to be around. I just hoped someone would come in so I know what is happening.

I just recollected my past few hours..It has been quite a rush. I remember myself driving in Highway. I was in a holiday mood, and thus my speed was well past 100 miles an hour..Sunday evening. Highway to Professors house was quite deserted and I pushed the accelerator even more.

Speed always thrilled me. Friends used to make fun of me saying, because of my interest in speed – I should be a boy !

Suddenly my car hit something. I was thrown back from the seat. Felt my back being crushed. Car just turned to another side, and I struggled to keep it from sliding. Leg was fully paining, and my lower part was aching too. Then, slowly things started to dim, and then it was all black..

“Ashwathi ! – you awake ? Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Dave. When you were brought here, you really had tough time breathing. How you feeling now ?”

“I am pretty OK Doctor. Leg is paining. And my hand – can’t move it. What happened. I know I hit something while driving, then it went all black.”

“Oh yes. When you were brought here, you were in a bad condition. There has been internal bleeding and we were seeing how best we can get the bleeding stop. We had a small surgery that we did for you, and you are safe now. In few days, you should be fine”

“Doctor. Can you tell me, whom did I hit. I know it was a car, though not sure of the person and what happened after”

“You take rest. We can talk about it later”

“Please doctor. Tell me. What happened. Who was it that I hit, and what happened to the person”

“Inspector Jackson is waiting outside. He would talk to you in detail”

“Inspector ! Why should he wait for me. Tell me Doctor. What happened. Please tell me ”

“Your car hit another, and there was a girl in that car. She was also brought to this hospital”

“And then..What happened..Please tell me doctor. Please”

” She was also a student of your university. In fact, I was told that she was your friend in the campus”

“What?? My friend in campus. Who is she. What happened to her?”

“Her name is Jesna”

“Jesna – my best friend. I can’t believe. Please let me out. I want to see her. Tell me she is alright. I want to know how is she. Please doctor. Tell me”

“I am afraid. She is no more. We couldn’t save her life..”

[End of Scene 4]

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 3

[Scene 3 : Graduation Day ]

It is graduation day today. There is this great sense of energy in the University. Students are preparing for their grad walk. One of the happiest moment of their life. Professors are excited to see their students walking in the black gown. And not to forget that cool cap !

An energizing moment everywhere. Campus is getting ready for the grand day. The day when the students will walk out of the college as young graduates. A time for celebrating on the greatest achievements of their life.

“Did you see Ashwathi” – “No. I haven’t seen her from morning. She had said she wanted to buy some stuffs”

“Ya. She is like that. Like a magician. Can never say where she is. I hope she don’t miss her graduation walk today”

“Come on Come on – lets get ready. Function starts at 2 PM in the Campus Edge Hall. Heard that we have a special chief guest giving the commencement speech.” “Oh. Who is that ?” “President of United States ” “waw…that is amazing. No wonder there is this much security procedures in the campus. Where in the world is Ashwathi now !”

(20 miles away from the campus)

“This is for everyone here. Today I am graduating from the university. It is a dream come true for me. To graduate from one of the world top university. You are all amazing and have made a big difference in my life. Thanks”

“Why thanks Ashwathi. We should say thanks to you. I was just a university librarian and when my mom met with an accident, and we needed a blood donor – you came forward. If my mom is alive today, it is because of you Ashwathi. The care you gave to our family, thank you so much for the care you gave to our family”

“Oh again – stop it !! By the way, what time is it now” “12.30″ – “what ? my grad walk is at 2 PM. I am getting late !”

“Have a great day. I am sure you will make the world proud of you. Go girl !”

[1.55 PM] University is ready. To begin the event. All the chief guests and special invitees have arrived. In a new minutes, the graduation walk ceremony will begin”

[2 PM} Event is now on. President of University gave the welcome speech. And it is the most awaited speech coming up - Commencement speech by Honorable President of United States of America.

"Friends - today you are graduating and it is indeed a time for celebrating your success. Let me tell you. Your success was when you enrolled in this university. Your success was when you stayed back late nights and days to finish that tough assignment. You success was when you took extra care to give your best to this university with your skills and talents. And today - this graduation certificate you are getting - is just a small recognition of your great efforts and a way for the university to tell you - thanks !"

It is time for the award celebration ceremony. University President is on the stage to give various awards to the students.

"It is time to honor the best student of the year. That student who shined this year with their best performance, and today - I am happy to announce the best student of the year. Let me call - "Miss Ashwathi"

"wawww....Ashwathi. Thats you . Go go. We are so happy. Go and get that award girl !" - erupted all her friends.

She slowly entered the stage, and when she received that award from the honorable President of United States - few drops of tears came off her eyes"

"It is a great feeling to stand in front of you today. As I stand here with excitement, gratefulness and humility, I just want to say one word - Thanks. Thanks to God, to my parents, to my teachers, my friends, everyone. Thanks"

"That was a great day in my life. Getting the best student award of the year from one of the prestigious universities of the world. Everyone wished me good luck in my life. As I walked to my Professors, they saw in me a person who is going to make a great difference in the world. Ashwathi - you will make the world proud of you."

"And my friends said those same words to me - We are proud to have you as our friend.

Little I know that my life is going to change forever and I will no longer be the same again.."

[End of Scene 3]

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 2

[Scene 2]

It is been almost half hour that the train left the station. May be because it is a weekday – the train is not that full. In fact many of the seats are empty. She was just staring outside the train window. Wandering in her own dreams. A princess. That is what she was before. Her parents, her family, her friends – for every one she was a princess. She had that much love from everyone. And now – she is in this train – alone, running away from her own life.

“Excuse me” – a voice. She raised her head. The gentleman whom she saw in the train station.

“Do you know which is the next stop. I want to buy few stuffs. I am pretty new to this part of the country. Are you going to Bensville ?”

She didn’t reply. Just was staring at him. “Oh I am sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you. Hey – you are crying. What happened. Is everything OK ?”

She was surprised by the friendliness this man showed to her. “I am Victor. Victor Jackson. What is your name ?”.
“Ashwathi”. “Nice name. I came here for a conference. I am the CEO of Jackson Inc. We had an international CEO conference here in New York, and just got over. Going to meet my friend in Texas, and then fly to San Franscisco”

“I am sorry I am taking your time. You look very sad. See those tears flowing from your eyes. Hope I am not intruding your privacy”

“You are. I need time alone.”

“Sure- carry on. It is a cold evening. The train to Texas is 2 days, and its a cold evening. You should probably try to get some rest. May be we can talk tomorrow morning. Good night”

With that Victor woke up from the seat, and moved to his seat. Took out a book, and started reading them.

It is almost 9 PM, and everyone just finished their dinner. Ashwathi didn’t take anything. And Victor saw that she didn’t even take a cup of tea or coffee.

“Ashwathi – I have a daughter of your age. She is now attending a graduate school, and you very much resemble her. What is the problem. I am sure I can be of some help to you”

“Thanks victor for those words. Yes, I am running away from my life. Away from my family, my job, my dreams, my life. I really don’t why I am doing this. But, just I feel I don’t have anyone in my life. Like a lost child”

“What is the matter Ashwathi. Tell me. May be I can help to find your lost life”

“Thanks. I will tell you my life. Everything about my life. ”

[End of Scene 2]

Golden Watch Short Story Scene 1

“Newspaper”. Just 1 dollar. Said a voice behind her. She just look up and it was a boy. Carrying few stacks of newspapers. Just 1 dollar. He said with great passion. She just looked at him without any response. It is a train station in the downtown New jersey. She didn’t know what was going around her. She just looked him in his eyes without any response.

“Attention passengers. Train towards northbound will leave from Platform 3 in another 10 minutes.”

She didn’t know where she is going. How happy girl she was. Family, friends and connections. Lot of people for her always connected. And today in the middle of everyone just a perfect lonely girl.

She stood up and walked. Towards the train counter. Holding her tickets in hand, she just walked.

Not knowing where she is going. Only one thing she knows. She don’t want to be here.

There is a story behind it.

To be continued..

We can be the eyes for them Poem

Recently I was on a flight to US, and during the flight I was watching a movie. In the movie, the hero was a blind person. I felt very sad when I saw that life he is living without his eyes. After being grateful for me having eyes sight, I wrote this below poem in the flight..Hope you like it.

I can see the full moon,
I can enjoy how wonderful the world is.

Though there are people who can’t
Whose eyes made their world black

Day and night, same black
Every color is just one black

For all those who cannot see this world,
we can be the eyes for them…


My Mom (Poem)

Mom, the one who took care of me
When I need help the most

Mom, the one who stayed awake
The night long I was in pain

Mom, I get every time I look into your eyes
A feeling I get when I realize you’re my mom

Mom, thank-you for being with me
For being my rock when I should have been yours

Mom, I don’t know how can I repay
Everything you have done for me and my life

Mom, you are my mom, I am so proud to claim
For now, and forever..


Poem Dedicated to my friend Hasi

My friend was very happy today about her expecting a new baby. This poem I wrote for her.

The happiest person in milky way
Hasi – today is your day..

We are all waiting for the baby everyday.
Waiting to see your little champ play..

How happy we are to see your face smile,
Happiness flowing like the river nile..

With our prayers with you everyday
everything will be okay..