I am Sijith

Welcome to the “Caterpillar toButterfly” show. The aim of this show is to inspire busy individuals to take care of both their mental and physical health ato effectively handle all of  the challenges that  may be complicating their lives..

My Inspirational Moment

It was my interest in self improvement  that drove me to create a website  as well as a newsletter to share what I learned with others. One day I wrote an article on motivation and sent it out to my newsletter members. Then I went to sleep.

On the very next morning when I woke up, there was a reply from one of the subscribers. She wrote – “Sijith,  last night I was about to commit suicide. When  I was about  to shut down my computer  your email came in. Out of curiosity I opened your email, and read what you wrote. At that very moment, I decided not to commit suicide. As a result of reading your words, I will never commit suicide. Thanks for saving my life.”

I was humbled tby reading  this message becausewhile I was sleeping, I had saved someone’s life. Then I asked myself a very penetrating question.  “What if I could get a – “You changed my life” email every single day?”

It was then that I felt the power of Internet to reach out to people who are looking for ways to live a more fulfilling  life. This means of communication gives me access to help others at exactly the right time at just the right moment.  It was then that I realized that it is possible to  enable people take back control of their life .

My Mission:

Not only do I have passion to meet and help peoplebut I also  possess significant skills in technology and marketing. I  began to compehend the potential for  in making  a positive impact  on peoples ‘ lives. I believe that if I could combine these two aspects of inspiring words at the right time, , that I can  influential inmake a positive contribution to others every single day.

Making A Difference  Together – One Individual at a Time 

Believe me. I am not standing in front of you as someone who has solutions to everything. I  myself am on this same journey, of trying to improve my life every day. I  acknowledge that I am not an expert or a guru but I can interview others who are and share t their knowledge with people around the world. I can meet people who have mastered taking care of their health and learn how they did it. This show, “Caterpillar to Butterfly”, is my quest to learn from others about  health and life mastery.and then to decimate their insights over the internet. While I make progress in my own life, I intend to share the journey with people around the world.  While gurus matter, each individual has a wealth of knowledge and inspirational moments to contribute. I invite you to join me in this mission. Let’s  change the world together.

Sijith Salim